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Skyrocket Your Business Income and Your Marketing with The Doodle Video Dude

The Smartest Marketing Experts Know When To Use Doodle Videos...

“In my Best Selling book, OUTRAGEOUS Advertising That’s OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful, I make the important point that in order to increase response, you need to have your marketing noticed and paid attention to. Trace Haskins Doodle Video Animation is your shortcut to accomplishing just that as I’ve seen proven with a countless number of my Private Clients. Not only will prospects pay attention to your videos, but you’ll see sales increase substantially.” 
- Bill Glazer, Founder of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, Marketing Strategist, Best Selling Author,

"Trace! Your eye for marketing is awesome and I appreciate you so much. You hit the nail on the head with what our audience is drawn to with the doodle video for our telesummit and I love the way you customize copy to make it personal and of course, for maximum conversion. Congrats on all of the impressive conversion results you’ve been creating for your clients and for us as our partner. I’m grateful!"
- Lisa Sasevich
The Queen of Sales Conversion

"I cannot say enough about Trace! He has developed four marketing campaigns for me and my expectations have been exceeded every time. I would highly recommend Trace to anyone looking for marketing to exceed their expectations and drive their business.

My favorite part of working with Trace is the way he runs with any idea from any business segment. Each of my campaigns are from different business segments, yet with each one he was able to understand my unique objectives and create marketing that was far better than I ever expected. Trace easily worked off my paper napkin notes and random idea sketches to create campaigns that helped drive each of my businesses."
- Colleen Mitchell
Serial Entrepreneir
Real Estate • Health & Fitness • Business Development

We'll create a unique presentation that doesn't feel like "just another sales pitch", but that emotionally engages your audience, calling them into action.

Doodle Video Dude

Done-For-You TURN-KEY
Video Production

If you'd like a super-engaging, very professional, extremely affordable turn-key Doodle Whiteboard Animation Video, please take advantage of this package which is our limited-time production offer - and we'll create your masterpieces with just a little bit of input from you!

Please note: We have a very limited number of new projects we can take on, and new clients are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Order NOW before all our production spots are filled. We typically have a 3 week to 2 month "wait list".

Production Services include:

  • An audio script designed to be highly effective and convert your prospects into customers
  • Professional voiceover by male or female talent
  • A riveting visual storyboard that is designed to captivate and engage your target market
  • Finished graphics and animations that are pure eye candy for your audience
  • An all-in-all extremely awesome finished Doodle Whiteboard Animation Video!
  • Video/Movie file delivered in Full HD 1080p MP4 format, or another format upon request
  • BONUS: We'll upload your final video file to up to 3 video hosting services of your choice (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook)

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Authentic & Fun StorytellingAuthentic & Fun Storytelling

More Words of Wisdom From My Clients

"I have worked with Trace on several projects; as a consultant, a designer, a developer AND have had a fabulous experience with his expertise in each area! 

Trace, recently mentioned a new service he was providing his clients; creating comprehensive doodle videos to explain a business, a service or a product in a couple of minutes with fun, easy to understand doodle videos! Having seen those type of videos on well-known sites like Salesforce and Evernote, I was instantaneously excited to see his work in action and may I say I was NOT dissapointed!

I see a huge value in creating a doodle video for businesses who are "trying to explain" a service or product in a friendly, easy to understand manner with no brain work involved ;). I am looking forward to the next video project together as I plan to encourage my clients who could benefit from the video to consider bringing Trace on their team!"

- Nathalie Walpole
Founder / Creative Director

"Trace has helped Thrasher Pest Control with various website creation projects, marketing materials, marketing action plans and general graphic design. More recently, he trained our marketing team on developing doodle videos. I had seen these videos in other people's marketing campaigns, but had no idea how to implement them in our own program. 

The training he provided was spot on and we now have several doodle videos that we are using today. We are getting great response from these videos and I can't thank Trace enough for his help in getting us started. I highly recommend Trace for all your doodle video needs and more."

Garrett Thrasher
Thrasher Termite & Pest Control

"Trace delivered on everything he promised. I can't wait to work on the next project with him. Hope he hasn't blown up to where I can't talk directly to him any more because I know he's a genius."

Quentin Anderson
Dream Homes of California

"I am very happy to recommend Trace for his whiteboard animation videos, and all around as a professional I trust to get the job done right, the first time. I have worked with Trace on a number of projects where creativity and reliability were required at their highest levels, and he delivered. He is a great communicator who tells it to you straight, does what he says he will do, and always with a focus on making the customer happy. I will not hesitate to reach out to Trace again when I have a similar need in the future, and encourage others to do the same."

Russell Wolf
Director, Business Development
Technical Connections Inc.

"I worked directly with Trace for a period of 2 years. I have always been very impressed with Trace and his ability to get things done the right way! I never found Trace to cut corners or not give his all to a project. Its just in his nature to do his very best all the time. His technical abilities and understanding of marketing are top notch so if he is saying something and you need to improve your marketing presence, you had better listen! 

I wholeheartedly recommend Trace Haskins for any internet / technology / marketing project you may need help with."

Michael D. Fish
Elite Web Services

"Trace developed a number of great animations for our expansion stage cloud startup. He helped us find a voice, articulate our value and expand our brand. He was happy to implement our ideas when we had some, and suggest some when we didn't. We now consider him part of our team and wouldn't consider launching a product, arming a partner or kicking off a campaign without him. I can recommend his work unreservedly."

Steve Martin
VP of Marketing

"I was so impressed with Trace's creative spirit and how he took my company name and built a beautiful and powerful image that works for me. I was and still am very pleased with the results of his work."

Mary Chimarusti
Aeryden International